The Artwork


Reaching for the Sky

Display Prints of the photographic images are available in as many as many as 6 sizes printed as the highest quality color images presently available which are Aluminum/Metal. As my printer Bill liked to say Metal Prints have more Wow Factor than Traditional Photographs. They have better color, more color saturation, more contrast, deeper blacks, more shadow detail, are sharper, are more 3D, and lie flatter than Traditional Photographs. The images are printed to a High Gloss surface that is not subject to finger prints and dust; the images can be dusted and washed with water, soap and water, and common ammonia free window cleaners. The prints have an estimated life of over 100 years. They are finished without mat boards, are not placed behind glass, and are mounted to about 1/8″ black plastic to add rigidity and strength to the images. Images are prepared with the frame moldings mounted to the rear of the mounted images as either Floating Frames or Box Frames or they are dropped directly into any of 5 custom made wooden frame moldings and finished with a White Tyvek Dust Cover on the rear.

The smallest available images are based upon a 9″ X 14″ to 11″ X 14″ and are not part of the limited editions. Images larger than that are part of a limited edition which consists of up to 250 copies in all numbered sizes. Numbered copies continue from those that have previously been available and printed on other materials. Available wooden frames are Curly Maple with a Watchbox (goldish red) stain, Curly Maple with a Cherry Stain, Cherry with a Cherry Stain, Black Lacquered flat surface Maple, or a Beveled Cut Black Lacquered Maple. The colored frames have a beveled cut surface and are finished with a Black Lacquered Inner Liner (this is much like a frame in a frame). Images are custom prepared to order and may take up to a little more than a month for shipment. The Aluminum surface of the prints can be damaged, it is only aluminum, and there are occasions where the aluminum prints may have some imperfections. This is the nature of the material. Fewer image sizes are available for close-up work and the usage of smaller cameras.

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